Architecting Success

Sidewalk Strategy Group provides consulting services specifically designed local government. SSG leverages experience, knowledge, relationships, strategy and professionalism to align outcomes vision of organizational leadership. Providing services to local government that puts resources on the path toward goal attainment and realization of visioning, overcoming the natural operational distractions that occur in local government.,

“Life is a journey, not a destination.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sidewalk Strategy Group clients have the benefit of a trusted advisor to accompany them along journey and help guide them along the path of success in attainment of their goals and visioning. SSG can assist local government with expertise in the following common areas of need:

  • Visioning and Strategy
  • Operations and Organization
  • Grants and Funding Strategy
  • Community Planning & Development
  • Special Projects Strategy and Management
  • Budgeting and Finance

In addition to assisting local government, SSG services can also benefit private sector businesses and organizations with government affairs and business / product development services.